HMPL Face Mask


By purchasing one of our masks you are directly funding our mass production of cotton masks which are being donated to any and all non direct COVID 19 medical professionals and frontline workers in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. If YOU are one of these people, please reach out to us via email and we will get you set up with free masks for you and your coworkers!

Who are these for? These are for anyone who doesn't want to contribute to the spread of the virus. These ARE NOT medical grade masks, they WILL NOT keep you from contracting COVID19. Only N95 masks can do this, and those masks are in short supply and will be used by professionals working directly with COVID19 cases.

That said, these are a great option for everyday folks, essential workers still tasked with getting out there and doing what they do, people who work with or are around high risk individuals, people who may be asymptomatic or don't have access to testing. There is so much uncertainty right now, obviously the BEST action you can take is to isolate, stay home, please! Not everyone has that choice right now, and these are at least a small line of protection to stop you from potentially infecting other people. Some defence is better than no defence.

These are not to be worn at all times. They are to use when you have to go out in public. It's recommended that you wash your mask frequently, ideally after 4 hours of continuous usage. (These are totally machine washable!)

Thanks for helping us help our hardest working frontline workers in the cities most compromised community aka our home. <3